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i think i have found my spot of sun here in this community. my name is laura, im 19, and i attend vcu in richmond, va. anyhoo, here is my first entry:

there are times i love being female:
[o] multiple orgasms
[o] make-up
[o] being allowed to giggle
[o] dressing up for no reason
[o] lingerie

and there are times (usually 3 or 4 days out of every month) when i abhor it:
[o] bleeding/stuffing a wad of cotton in my -*WHOA*-
[o] cramps/the feeling of my uterus >imploding<
[o] moodswings from pms (on top of a mood disorder, which makes life quite interesting).

it seems like drama only happens when im on my period too, like its fates sick sense of humor to put more drama in my life when im easily upset. i even tried skipping my placebo pills to skip my period, which worked for 2 weeks, and drama STILL found its way to that wonderful time of the month called menses. what the FUCK?

ah at least im able to have a good sense of humor -or at least a healthy, good ol' cynical attitude- about it all, right?

by the way, the next person to tell me im "broken" when im on my period (because i cant have non-messy sex i guess) gets smacked in the face with a used tampon :)

really, im in a GOOD mood! I SWEAR!!!
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