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Aol Blows Hard...

A small entry filled with a lot of anger, so if you do not wanna hear it don't read any further.

I recovered one of my old screen names about a week ago, but could not remember the password for it. I tried several different combinations of old passwords. Nothing worked at all, finally I broke down and got my boyfriend to call Aol to recover the password from them. The lady he got to talk to was completely rude and pushy, what a great family feeling you get from AOL. She insisted that the screen name that we were trying to recover was not valid (it did not exist on their main database). I would like to know how this is possible when I am still receiving emails to this screen name? It is grown from 2 emails to 15 as of now.

On top of this she continued to tell my boyfriend that we had recovered and deleted to many screen names recently and that if we did any more we would be charged each time for doing so. How can they fucking do this? It is a part of their service to be able to do so. God damn arseholes...

It's not my fault they are going bankrupt...I wouldn't even be using them, I have never liked them. Their damn 10 year old (don't know exactly how long they have been around, nor do I care) beta program crashes our computers all the damn time. It is just that my boyfriend wont use anything but AOL.

Probably because all of his lil' girlfriends are on it and it is easier to keep track of them on it, But that is another story I assure you.
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